Hacking The ACT Full Program - Summer 2020

Deconstructing the ACT to Your Advantage | taught by Ryan Fitzgibbons
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Ryan Fitzgibbons
Ryan Fitzgibbons

About the instructor

Hi! I’m Ryan Fitzgibbons, founder of Hacking The SATs. Ironically, I was a terrible student in high school. My GPA was so low that college admissions counselors actually laughed at me. Then I got my SAT and ACT scores back. And suddenly the Ivy League started calling. So was that fair? Not really. But it taught me the importance of playing the game, how much colleges care about a silly Saturday morning test, and how little things like test-taking strategies can alter the trajectory of a student’s life.

Many students tell me my resume first encouraged them to take my course, but it was how much I care that caused them to refer their friends, family, and younger siblings. While the headlines sound fancy:

  • Mensa Member
  • Perfect score on the SAT
  • 99th percentile on the ACT
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree at BYU in just 2 years
  • Students received a total of 6 million dollars in college scholarships last year alone

That’s not what makes a good instructor. I believe most of my referrals come from the fact that I lose more sleep anxiously awaiting my students’ test results than they do.

Over a decade ago, I discovered my passion for tutoring and preparing students to beat the SAT and ACT. I taught for Kaplan for many years as one of their top instructors, did private tutoring, and taught test prep courses. With each of my live courses booking out in advance it seemed the best way to reach as many people as possible was to offer all of my tips, tricks and strategies in an engaging, easy to follow video instruction guide. I want you to succeed and I know that by going through this online course, you will dramatically improve your SAT score. Join me and have your story be our next success story.

Deconstructing the ACT to Your Advantage. Set to a Go At Your Own Pace Schedule.

Course Contents

91 Videos
2 Surveys
93 Texts
5 PDFs

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